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Searchlet Introduces New Multimedia Features

Searchlet Introduces New Multimedia Features


Searchlet Introduces New Multimedia Features

Tired of searching for the meaning of words while opening their description in new tab every time, and then returning to the main page? Searchlet provides you with wonderful feature of providing the search results on the sidebar of the original page that you are viewing. It has even better searching algorithm than Google while taking its help also.

Searchlet was unveiled three months ago to make online searching more convenient, and avoiding the Google’s misleading results at times. The wonderful web app has now added novel features that include the integration with Google images and music streaming sites that make it even more useful.

Searchlet is developed by Mark Fazzini and Spencer Simonsen, a developer and web programmer at LinkedIn. Searchlet is a sort of bookmarklet that displays a sidebar containing results from various online sources as you highlight a term on the site.

Instead of clicking on the link on the site for viewing results in a new tab, the latest version of searchlet allows you to view entire web pages or playing the streaming music within the sidebar. The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to leave the main website during this search procedure.

The latest searchlet allows you to customize the search results in side bar, and it displays only the type of results that you want. You can automatically set the Searchlet to automatically search Twitter, Google images, Urban Dictionary, and music streaming sites like Grooveshark.

Searchlet is still integrated with famous search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Google News, and open content dictionary Wiktionary. The most amazing feature is the integration with the Google images since we can now see the images of the words about which we don’t have much idea. It acts as visual dictionary for searching characters, celebrities, and some other terms that are usually omitted in dictionaries.

In addition to launching the latest update, Searchlet is also planning to introduce its side bar for business users who will allow the option of adding searchlet side bar into the official blogs or websites of owners. It will enable the visitors to search the results without having to install the searchlet.

This novel feature would enhance the time spent by visitors on the site scrolling through the words while lowering the bonus rate. The mobile version of the app is also under consideration for launching.

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