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Seagate Launches the World’s First 8TB Hard Drive

Seagate Launches the World’s First 8TB Hard Drive


Seagate Launches the World’s First 8TB Hard Drive

Seagate Launches the World's First 8TB Hard DriveSeagate has announced that they’ve begun shipping their latest product, a new 8-terabyte 3.5-inch hard drive which is the first of its kind in the world.

 “As our world becomes more mobile, the number of devices we use to create and consume data is driving an explosive growth in unstructured data. This places increased pressure on cloud builders to look for innovative ways to build cost-effective, high capacity storage for both private and cloud-based data centers,” said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing. “Seagate is poised to address this challenge by offering the world’s first 8TB HDD, a ground-breaking new solution for meeting the increased capacities needed to support the demand for high capacity storage in a world bursting with digital creation, consumption and long-term storage.”

Designed for use in cloud storage systems both for private and enterprise use, the new 8TB hard drives are now the highest capacity density drives which provide the most efficient storage in the same standard 3.5-inch footprint. This means storage solutions will need fewer drives for maximum storage capacity.

The new drives are also designed to consume less power which leads to cheaper operational costs and the best Watts/GB efficiency in the industry. They also feature multi-drive RV tolerance for more consistent and reliable performance as well as the industry proven SATA 6Gb/s interface for maximum compatibility in any system.

“Public and private data centers are grappling with efficiently storing massive amounts of unstructured digital content,” said John Rydning, IDC’s research vice president for hard disk drives. “Seagate’s new 8TB HDD provides IT managers with a new option for improving storage density in the data center, thus helping them to tackle one of the largest and fastest growing data categories within enterprise storage economically.”

The new 8TB drives will initially only ship to select enterprise customers but are expected to eventually reach consumer clients. Seagate did not release pricing information on the new drives.

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