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Screengrab Now Open Source; Thanks Twitter!

Screengrab Now Open Source; Thanks Twitter!
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Screengrab Now Open Source; Thanks Twitter!

A screenshot app is sure to win some points from Android users/developers as Twitter announces the introduction of the Screengrab tool for Android and open sourcing it. The latest tool in town from Twitter promises to make it easy on taking Android applications screenshots.

It is integrated with Twitter’s Fastlane developer tools, reports Venture Beat. Originally, Twitter Fastlane has the screenshot tool support for iOS and now Fastlane has made a tool just for its Android users. The Screengrab tool is now available on GitHub under an open-source Apache license.

Screengrab makes taking multiple app screenshots and arranging them in sequence to be put up on the Play Store listing easy.  Twitter Manager Hemal Shay says that “Your screenshots need to reflect the best of your app’s user experience but taking perfect screenshots is a ton of work.”

Shay also says that the process includes capturing the shots and making sure that every picture is aligned correctly then localizing it to the customers’ needs. With the tech giant’s latest tool, doing the process is a lot easier than before.

According to The Tech Portal, the ease in which a user can publish localized versions of their screenshots with Screengrab is interesting. Because by having an app launched in multiple languages, the screenshot app allows users to verify that their localizations fit into the labels on all screen dimensions in just a few minutes.

Last year, Twitter manage to acquire Fastlane to enhance its developer toolkit. It has picked up traction by automating parts of the iOS app development process and also added a beta support for Android last year.

And like most tech giants, Twitter has also been into open-sourcing some useful tools to get more developer attention for its platform. Twitter is also known to have open-source released “Diffy” and “Data Sets.” Diffy is a tiny little bug-spotting tool while Data Sets is used to train neutral networks for artificial intelligence.

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