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Scream Season 3 Cancelled: Halloween Special Is Reportedly The Series Finale

Scream Season 3 Cancelled: Halloween Special Is Reportedly The Series Finale
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Scream Season 3 Cancelled: Halloween Special Is Reportedly The Series Finale

There have been much speculations around whether Scream three will be renewed or not. However, it looks like the producers want to shift the focus from the long-standing question to the upcoming two-hour Halloween special.

Although there is no news yet on either the cancellation or the renewal of the show, MTV took to Twitter to announce that the special episode will be aired in October. A short clip titled “Spooky Special Sneak Peak” also accompanied the post. According to a report by the GamenGuide, the special will give the answers to the questions surfaced during the season 2.

The clip shows Kieran locked up in a cell and as he looks up he sees someone in a Brandon James mask. As the rumours have it, the special will mark the end of the series. However, there are also speculations that it will lead the viewers to the much awaited Scream Season 3.

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The Halloween Special episode will be special for many reasons. The upcoming special drives the plot towards Kieran’s fate. Kieran was the original suspect in the first season and he is not the obvious killer in the season 2. However, this time it seems that he is the victim.

Although showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register are keeping mum about Brandon James, but it appears that he is still alive, the Movie News Guide reported. And if he is alive, then Emma needs to hide, since she is one of the most possible targets. Brooke is also likely to get in trouble. Going by the rules of the horror flicks, happiness and fun quickly takes a gory turn and for Brooke, she was seen happy and laughing in the last scene.

It is to wait and watch whether MTV drops a hint on the possibility of a third season at the end of the episode.

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