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Scotland Launches Campaign To Ban Buying Sex, End Prostitution

Scotland Launches Campaign To Ban Buying Sex, End Prostitution
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Scotland Launches Campaign To Ban Buying Sex, End Prostitution

If it happened in Ireland, it could possibly happen in Scotland. A campaign is now going around in the latter calling for criminalization of the purchase of sex.

The End Prostitution Now movement meant to tackle the “root cause” of prostitution.

“Men’s demand for sexual access to women’s bodies is the ultimate cause of prostitution and all the misery it causes the world over,” Councilor James Coleman, chairman of the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership, said.

Portal Scottish Legal News reports Scotland allows the sell and purchase of sex unless done through a brothel or pimp. What is illegal is solicitation in public.

Scotland’s campaign follows Ireland which officially criminalized the sale and purchase of sex in early June.

Labour MSP Rhoda Grant has already submitted amendments to the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill. She hopes these will be immediately tackled and discussed because “if Scotland does not follow suit, it could become a haven for sex traffickers moving out of Northern Ireland.” Prostitution is a form of exploitation which only causes harm, she added.

An unidentified spokesman for Scottish Churches told Herald Scotland the church believes the enactment of such a law will reduce demand for commercial sexual services as evidenced by the introduction of similar laws in other countries.

Grant said it is necessary to tackle demand to prevent vulnerable people from being exploited. “Trafficking and exploitation of this kind are based on the basic principles of supply and demand.”

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