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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1 Sneak Peek: Walter O’Brien And Paige Reportedly Reconcile

Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1 Sneak Peek: Walter O’Brien And Paige Reportedly Reconcile
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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1 Sneak Peek: Walter O’Brien And Paige Reportedly Reconcile

Scorpion is returning with Season 3 on CBS on October 3, and the new season will see the developments in romantic relationships and also a possible death.

Scorpion, which revolves around tech genius Walter O’Brien, having a high IQ of 197. His team, which is a special unit, constitute the Scorpion. The unit has been formed by a US Homeland Security agent. The team also includes “human calculator” Sylvester Dodd, and “world-class shrink” Toby Curtis. Meanwhile, Paige helps the team interact with regular people.

The principal task of team Scorpion is to deal with complex technical issues and address problems that threaten the world.

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Season 2 ended with Walter realising his true feelings for Paige. Although Paige too likes him, she is unsure of a future with him because of Walter’s aloofness towards her feelings.  But, the tech genius is too shy to convey his feelings to Paige. This put the duo into their own emotional trouble. Although, Paige agreed to go to the jazz festival with Tim Armstrong, deep inside she nurtures strong feelings for Walter. However, the season 2 finale ended with Walter preparing to tell Paige about his feelings, the Fab Newz reported.

It is to wait and see whether Walter is able to tell Paige what he truly feels for her. Fans can expect things to start rolling between Walter and Paige in the upcoming season. Other than the emotional unrest between Walter and Paige, Scorpion Season 3 will also take the story forward for Toby and Happy, following the failed marriage proposal.

The premiere episode titled “Civil War” will see Team Scorpion dealing with anonymous hackers threatening to use classified US military aircraft and warships information against the population. The story will continue to the next episode in which the team will act against the hackers having control of US naval destroyers and at least one nuclear submarine.

According to a report by the Movie News Guide, there are also death speculations around Walter. There are also speculations that Walter will be in danger and the team will go about handling situations without him.

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