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Scio Reggae Festival Gang Rape: Suspected Males Sought By Police

Scio Reggae Festival Gang Rape: Suspected Males Sought By Police
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Scio Reggae Festival Gang Rape: Suspected Males Sought By Police

It was alleged that five men at the Scio Reggae Festival in Oregon had raped a 21-year-old woman early Sunday morning.

The victim was taken to the Santiam Hospital in Stayton, Oregon. She was treated and was later released. According to KGW, investigation into the Scio Reggae Festival rape had ensued. The publication noted that the Linn County Sheriff’s deputies are making inquiries regarding the case and are now looking for the suspects.

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The Sheriff’s Office told the press that the 21-year-old woman made a call to 911. She informed authorities that she had been raped. The victim alleged that she met two men on Saturday night at the Silver Dollar Tavern in Scio. While she was having drinks with them, the victim agreed to go with the men to the Scio Reggae festival.

The victim informed authorities that she was raped at the festival by the same men she met at the tavern. She added that along with them, there were three other men. It was reported that the victim informed police that the suspects in the rape case were black males in their late 20’s or early 30’s, and that they were from Washington.

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According to Linn County Sheriff’s Department, the suspects might be making their trips on a rental motorhome with Washington license plates. Linn County Sheriff’s patrol deputies and detectives are following up the case as investigation continues, said Statesman Journal.

Anyone who has information regarding the case including additional suspect or vehicle information is urged by the Linn County Sheriff’s department to call Detective Scott Christiansen or Detective Mike Rossiter at (541) 967-3950.

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