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School Kids Transform Homeless Children Into Superheroes With DIY Capes

School Kids Transform Homeless Children Into Superheroes With DIY Capes

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School Kids Transform Homeless Children Into Superheroes With DIY Capes

A group of kids from elementary school are making capes for homeless children living in shelters.

A total of 24 capes were made by the kids from PS 173 in Queens, New York – who are members of the Generation On Kids Care Club. These capes were donated to homeless kids at the Detroit Rescue Mission in Michigan.

The project is part of the initiative Capes for Kids.

“They are learning compassion for other children, and understanding that it doesn’t matter where you live or where you come from, you all need a little boost of self-esteem sometimes,” Jean Mendler, club adviser, said, as reported by

There’s a lot more about making capes and accessories for homeless children, Terry Grahl, founder of Enchanted Makeovers, which runs Capes for Kids, said. “Children … get to tap into their inner-strength while they’re creating this and also know that they’re empowering another child,” she said, as reported by the Huffington Post.

Some kids made capes that featured crowns while the others made with smiley faces and hearts on them. Grahl said the expression on the faces of the kids when they put on the cape is priceless.

“One of the little boys — when I put the cape on him — instantly his shoulders went back and said, ‘yep, I’m Batman.’” Grahl said. “It was that confidence that was instant. Just him running down the hall — it was the most precious, powerful thing to witness — he kept looking behind to see his cape fly.”

Grahl founded Enchanted Makeovers in 2007 after closing her interior decorating business. The non-profit organization strives to make shelters positive environments. The endeavor to make capes, Grail said, is to provide an armor of sorts to those who don them.

“Thousands of capes have been made for children across the country,” she said. “But we want more. We want to triple that.”

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