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US Seems Worried About An Impending War: See Infographics

US Seems Worried About An Impending War: See Infographics
150326-D-DT527-165 Ash Carter / Flickr CC BY 2.0


US Seems Worried About An Impending War: See Infographics

On February 2, 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter previewed the FY 2017 Defense Budget. A monstrous $582.7 billion to be exact will be allocated for the Pentagon.

The quadrupled funding proposed for the 2017 budget will help the U.S. strengthen its military presence in Europe, Carter explained. This will reportedly come in the form of increased rotational U.S. forces in Europe along with increased training, increased “war-fighting gear” and a host of infrastructure improvements – all these with particularly watchful eyes cast on Russia.

The Pentagon is also preparing for a possible conflict that can happen in space. “I also want to mention space because at times in the past, space was seen as a sanctuary, new and emerging threats make clear that that’s not the case anymore and we must be prepared for the possibility of a conflict that extends in space,” Carter told press.

The secretary also mentioned $71.4 billion-worth of projects involving micro-cameras, sensors and MEMS [microelectromechanical systems]. These shall enable off network targeting through commercial components that are “small enough to hold in your hand like your phone, and cheap enough to own like your phone.” The projects included autonomous vehicles that can fly through heavy winds and be kicked out the back of a fighter jet moving at Mach 0.9. And finally, hypervelocity smart projectiles that were developed for the electromagnetic gun – the railgun.

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