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‘Scandal’ Season 6: Olivia Pope Pregnant With Fitz’s Baby?

‘Scandal’ Season 6: Olivia Pope Pregnant With Fitz’s Baby?

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‘Scandal’ Season 6: Olivia Pope Pregnant With Fitz’s Baby?

Kerry Washington is pregnant with her second childhusband Nnamdi Asomugha. What does this mean for her “Scandal” character Olivia Pope?

TVLine sources revealed Kerry Washington is expectant with her second child. The question is, will her pregnancy affect the production of Scandal, season 6? Reportedly, ABC has some options.

One thing that can be done is writing her pregnancy into the show. That should dramatically change Olivia Pope’s world all over again. It remains to be seen if Shonda Rhimes is going to be willing to write a pregnancy into the show.

Another option though is for the actress to hide her bump, as she did on her first pregnancy.  The first pregnancy happened during season 3 and that time ABC had to trim the show from 22 to16 episodes.  It involved much less time for Kerry because then the baby bump was not written into the show, as reported by EW.

Another option though is for ABC to delay the TV show until 2017. ABC will announce its schedule in two weeks so there is still time to think this through.

The current storyline is moving rapidly and the storyline could actually coincide with the presidential election. Olivia Pope’s role could also take a back seat as the campaign manager while the show revolves around other parts of the story.

With the other episodes centering around the other candidates it is easy to imagine the other episodes also without Pope having a lot of screen time.

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