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‘Scandal’ Actor Columbus Short Cheating? Wife Threw Him Out Publicly To ‘Save’ Marriage?

‘Scandal’ Actor Columbus Short Cheating? Wife Threw Him Out Publicly To ‘Save’ Marriage?
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‘Scandal’ Actor Columbus Short Cheating? Wife Threw Him Out Publicly To ‘Save’ Marriage?

Columbus Short, an actor-turned-singer, was busted on social media by his own wife for cheating. Karrine Steffans made sure the whole world knows that her husband of one year cheated on her by posting a short video clip that quickly went viral. She later said she did it to save their marriage.

On her Instagram account, Steffans announced that she has a cheating husband by posting a picture and a video of her riling against Short. The picture shows Short sitting in an unidentified lobby, his suitcase open on the floor, clothes scattered. Short is seen in a hoodie, busy charging his phone.

Steffans tagged several women on the Instagram picture. The picture was captioned, “Somebody come get @officialcshort cheating a** and all his s***”

This picture was followed by a video where she is shown approaching her man. She says, “Nobody has anything to say. Nobody has anything to f****** say,’ She added, ‘Oh hey, Columbus. You OK? You feeling OK?’

On her Twitter account, Steffans continued to rage and rile against Short, uncaring if this is scandalous. She charged him of infidelity, said that he is homeless, and financially struggling. She posted, “@ColumbusShort1 Out here f****** everything moving, ain’t got a penny to his name and no place to live. N****, bye.”

Short did not deny the allegations that he is without a home. He even went to his own Twitter and confirmed that he is, indeed, homeless. However, he did not address the charges of infidelity. He wrote, “Just want to say…. that it’s unfortunate that way things end up. I felt truly that a woman gave me a home and a place to get my mind right.”

In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Steffans shared why she did what she did — publicly shaming her man, that is.

“If your man’s worst fear is that his mom finds out, then you tell his mom. If his worst fear is that his pastor finds out, then you tell his pastor. If a man’s worst fear is that the public knows that he is not everything he is pretending to be in this moment, then you go there,” she said.

She added that it was her way of “saving the marriage.”

“That was this situation’s button. This was his thing, like ‘Please don’t tell anybody about this,’”she said.  Steffans said she needed to push this “fear button” to save her marriage.

Both Short and Steffans went through a number of relationships before they met, Daily Mail reported. Short got divorced in 2014 from his wife of eight years. He was also arrested for domestic violence. Short married Steffans in January and dedicated his first video to her a few weeks back.

Short is best known for his role as Harrison Wright on ABC’s “Scandal.” He was removed from the famous Shonda Rhimes show because of criminal cases. Allegedly, he had a brief flair with Britney Spears in 2004.

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