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Savon Schmus: Suspect In McKenna Hilton Murder In Police Custody

Savon Schmus: Suspect In McKenna Hilton Murder In Police Custody
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Savon Schmus: Suspect In McKenna Hilton Murder In Police Custody

The 16-year-old suspect connected to the killing of McKenna Hilton, whose body was found in a wooded area in Michigan, has been identified.

Savon Schmus appeared in court for his detention hearing on Friday.

Savon Schmus: 16-year-old detained for McKenna Hilton’s murder

As reported by MLive, the suspect could be held for five days. The charges to be filed against Schmus are yet to be determined. Sources with the sheriff’s department said a decision regarding the same could be made by Sunday.

According to officials, the suspect and victim knew each other. The two are friends on Facebook.

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The location of death has not been disclosed by the police. They say Hilton was killed on Thursday and her body was left near the Grand Rapids Township trail. Schmus could face a charge of open murder, according to Assistant Kent County Prosecutor Vicki Seidl. Schmus is being held without bond.

Savon Schmus: Cause of death not known

The cause of death is not known. As reported by FOX 17, the autopsy results are awaited.

According to the obituary published in the Grand Rapids Press, Hilton, described as “funny, bright, fantastic, beautiful, unique, thoughtful, caring, and very much loved,” dreamed of working as a medical therapist.

Matt Diotte, who lives in the area, said “the incident scares us.”

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“I feel horrible for the family, but I almost want it to be an overdose or a suicide rather than a murder, rather than having someone like that in our neighborhood,” Diotte said.

Kentwood Public Schools Superintendent Michael Zoerhoff described Hilton, an East Kentwood High School graduate, as “an outstanding person.”

“Kentwood Public Schools is a close family built on strong positive relationships. We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss and our district crisis team will have counselors available today and Monday at East Kentwood High School for students and staff who need to talk. McKenna and her family are in our thoughts and prayers,” Zoerhoff said.

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