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Save Your Laptop Battery From Draining Quickly On Windows 10 By Following These Simple Tips

Save Your Laptop Battery From Draining Quickly On Windows 10 By Following These Simple Tips
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Save Your Laptop Battery From Draining Quickly On Windows 10 By Following These Simple Tips

Did you notice that Windows 10 is eating up your laptop battery? To improve the battery life on Windows 10, follow these simple tips.

Windows 10 is to your laptop/desktop what Android is to your phone. Microsoft Store, Apps, a number of features and whatnot. For a moment, go back to those days when Android wasn’t born. How long-lasting our phone batteries were! I don’t even remember how often we needed to charge our phones. What Android did to your mobile phone’s battery, Windows 10 is doing to your desktop/laptop battery.

Before upgrading to Windows 10, I was using Windows 8.1. As my laptop was a few months old, I was closely observing its battery life. I was happy with the number of hours I used my laptop on a single charge (without having to keep the charged plugged).

After downloading Windows 10, I realized that my laptop battery life has been shortened by almost an hour. This is when I am not using any of the apps or playing games. So if you are a gamer, you will have to keep your machine plugged for at least half the time. If you are an entrepreneur or an employee who is using Windows 10 for 10 to 12 hours, you need to take care of your laptop battery. Follow these tips to improve your desktop/laptop battery life while using Windows 10:

Enable “Battery Saver”

Windows 10 comes with this built-in setting called “Battery Saver” that helps you improve your laptop battery life. On the right-hand side, beside the date and time, you will notice a small box with vertical lines. Click on the icon and select Battery Saver.

Windows 10 Battery Saver

This feature also lets you make a few changes to the settings and keep a check on your laptop battery. To check the details of your battery life, go to Settings > System >Battery Saver.

Battery Saver Windows 10 Feature

You can then click on “Battery Saver Settings” and make changes to the settings.

Battery Saver

As per your needs, you can change the battery percentage by dragging the line you can see on the bar, and then the battery saver will start working automatically.

Also, make sure that there are no unused apps running in the background. To see which apps are currently active on your system, go to Settings > System > Apps and Features. Here, you will get a list of apps that are active. You will get info on how much data these apps are using. You may find some apps that you have never used or may not use in future. You can uninstall these apps right away. Along with the battery, your data will also be saved.

To improve your laptop battery life on Windows 10, do not open too many tabs at a time. Whenever possible, stick to a minimum number.

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