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Saudi Coalition Renews Air Strikes Against Yemen Rebels

Saudi Coalition Renews Air Strikes Against Yemen Rebels
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Saudi Coalition Renews Air Strikes Against Yemen Rebels

After a five-day humanitarian ceasefire expired last Sunday, the Saudi-led coalition restarted its air strikes against Yemen’s rebels, informed Yemeni military officials. The strikes targeted Houthi rebels positioned in the southern port of Aden.

On Sunday, Yemeni political parties in Saudi Arabia held a meeting of 400 delegates including former President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi to find a solution to end the crisis. Shia rebels did not participate.

In the meeting, United Nations envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said, “I call on all parties to renew their commitment to this truce for five more days at least.”

“This humanitarian truce should turn into a permanent ceasefire,” he added.

He also urged them to stay away from any revolts that would disrupt the peace of airports, main areas and transportation infrastructures.

Ahmed met Saudi chief of staff Lieutenant General Abdulrahman bin Saleh al-Bunyan and discussed “humanitarian aid efforts,” as per the AFP.

Hadi accused the rebels for staging revolution.

“We are trying to regain our nation” from militias backed by “external” forces, he said, referring to Iran.

The air strikes were carried out since March against Houthis. The attack forced former President Ali Abdullah Saleh to escape the capital Sanaa in February and seek refuge in Saudi Arabia.

Despite clashes, aid workers are providing basic amenities. At present there are 12 million people devoid of food, clean water, fuel and basic medical facility. Nearly 300,000 are homeless.

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