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Sarah Perry: Child Of Plane Crash Victims Promises To Take Care Of Siblings

Sarah Perry: Child Of Plane Crash Victims Promises To Take Care Of Siblings
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Sarah Perry: Child Of Plane Crash Victims Promises To Take Care Of Siblings

Sarah Perry may only be a little girl, but she is determined to care for the rest of her siblings following the tragedy that led to the deaths of both their mother and father.

Sarah Perry Promises To Be Her ‘Sister’s Santa Claus’ After Losing Parents

“I will be my sister’s Santa Claus and I will be there for my sister when she gets older! I will help my brother with his homework and with any problems he ever has! And I will also help my grandmother who will be raising me for the rest of my life.”

This is what Sarah wrote following the death of her parents. Today, she and her brother and sister are living a new reality, one without a mother and father. She said that her parents’ death left her “heartbroken, sad, tired and devastated.” But at the same time, she said, “This wild journey brought me closer to my family and grew my relationship with God!”

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According to a report from the New York Daily News, Sarah’s parents, Mike and Kim Perry, were making their way back to the family’s home in Oxford, Mississippi from Florida when their twin engine aircraft crashed near Tuscaloosa, Alabama while attempting an emergency landing.

Sarah’s parents died in the crash, along with two other couples also onboard. Mike and Kim were both dentists, who had just attended a dentist conference in Kissimmee. Following the crash, Oxford Mayor George Patterson said, “It’s just a sad day. The families were invested with their time and talents in the community.”

According to Sarah, she celebrated one of her sibling’s 14th birthday following the tragedy. She also said she take comfort in knowing she has a lot of support around her, especially when it comes to the rest of the family.

“Im not gonna lie, yea it hurts to never have someone to call ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ again. and I don’t know why tragic, horrible things like this happen. but what I do know is that I have aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmothers who will be with me on this journey,” Sarah wrote.

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