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Sanne Wevers Beam 2016: Facts On Gymnast Who Beat Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles

Sanne Wevers Beam 2016: Facts On Gymnast Who Beat Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles
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Sanne Wevers Beam 2016: Facts On Gymnast Who Beat Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles

Sanne Wevers is a breakthrough gymnast in the recent Olympics 2016 in the individual balance beam category.

The 24-year-old balance beam star beat Simon Biles and Laurie Hernandez with a score of 15.466, which led her to taking home the gold.

Sanne Wevers, a Dutch native, also prevented crowd favorite Simone Biles to take home her fourth gold medal for the Olympics 2016.

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Here are the fast facts you need to know about the gymnast stunner.

Sanne Wevers has a twin sister who is also competing in Rio for the 2016 Olympics. Lieke Wevers competed in the individual all-around category with a 55.865, making her rank in the 20th spot, SB Nation said.

Sanne and Lieke Wevers, who are fraternal twins, are also part of The Netherland team for the team all- around, The group clinched a score of 172.447, making them lan in the 7th spot.

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The sisters also took part in the team all-around. The Netherlands team finished seventh with a 172.447 score, Heavy said.

The twins were not part of the same team until 2014. Prior to that, the twins exchange injuries which prevented them from playing together as a team.

Sanne Wevers told in a 2014 interview, “Lieke and I have never been on the team together. When I made the team, she was injured and vice versa. So in 2009 I had an elbow injury, but I was there to watch my sister compete.”

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The 2016 Olympic beam queen Sanne Wevers also has a moved named after her just like fellow Rio contenders Simone Biles and Aliya Mustafina,

Sanne Wevers’ beam routine also stunned the audience at the 2016 Olympics when she performed her outstanding double turn with her leg held horizontally.

Her routine won her gold while Simone Biles ended in bronze and Laurie Hernandez at silver.

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Sanne Wevers also grabbed the first individual medal for a Dutch gymnast.

Sanne and Leike Wevers work for their routine in their homes and are coached by their father Vincent Wevers.

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A gymnast coach since 1985, Vincent Wevers said they rarely work with the national team and just to so when they have major competitions.

Despite cleary beating Simone Biles, Sanne Wevers called her victory over the much-favored gymnast as “really weird.”

However, she told Telegraaf that her difficult routine made her two contenders had the hard time to beat her.

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