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Sandy Sandberg’s Moving Post Goes Viral

Sandy Sandberg’s Moving Post Goes Viral
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Sandy Sandberg’s Moving Post Goes Viral

Sandy Sandberg’s Facebook post, which generated more than 700,000+ likes as of press time, has gone viral. It also received 330,000 shares with more than 58,000 comments.

She posted this after 30 days of mourning, or sheloshim in Judaism, about her husband, SurveyMonkey’s CEO, Dave Goldberg.

She wrote:

“And this is why I am writing: to mark the end of sheloshim and to give back some of what others have given to me. While the experience of grief is profoundly personal, the bravery of those who have shared their own experiences has helped pull me through. Some who opened their hearts were my closest friends. Others were total strangers who have shared wisdom and advice publicly. So I am sharing what I have learned in the hope that it helps someone else. In the hope that there can be some meaning from this tragedy.

I have lived thirty years in these thirty days. I am thirty years sadder. I feel like I am thirty years wiser.”


Sheloshim is a Jewish practice of mourning. It follows the shiva which is a more intense period of mourning that lasts for seven days. Unlike shiva, sheloshim allows mourners to resume professional works and can function social duties.

Sandberg is Facebook’s COO and author of the book, Lean In.

Editor’s Note: We all have something to say. We all have opinions on things, but Sandy Sandberg, in her Facebook post that generate 700,000+ likes including clicks from Mark Zuckerberg and Arianna Hufington, wrote more about her opinion on death. She wrote about how open and vulnerable we all are to hurt, pain and grief. We are in full support of Sandy Sanberg and are with her in her loss.

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