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SanDisk Introduces the Biggest MicroSD Card in the World

SanDisk Introduces the Biggest MicroSD Card in the World


SanDisk Introduces the Biggest MicroSD Card in the World

SanDisk made its presence felt at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. It was there to announce good news especially to mobile users who mostly yearn for greater storage.

The disk storage manufacturer has graced the event to unveil a new product. It claims that its new microSD card is currently the biggest in the world. That would be in terms of storage capacity.

The company said SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card is an evolution of its lineup of mobile-focused storage solutions. The new product has a storage capacity of 128GB. As expected, it aims to deliver the ever-growing requirements of users of so-called high-powered mobile devices.

Outstanding storage capacity

Logically, mobile devices have quickly become the main computing gadgets for many users. Capabilities like 4K video capture are taking hold in the mainstream devices. Thus, the demand for bigger storage is imminent.

As expected, 128GB is such a big milestone not just for SanDisk but also for the industry. Ironically, about a decade ago, the company pioneered and introduced the microSD card format by launching the humble 128MB card.

During the past 10 years, SanDisk was able to shrink and even stack memory units. It is now able to pack 16 memory dies that are thinner than hair strand into a single package with the size of an average fingernail.

The 128DB storage card would be exclusively available from Amazon and Best Buy soon. According to sources, the new product would take an initial retail price of about $199.99, though SanDisk still has no confirmation about this pricing scheme.

Another product with a new feature

That is not the only good news that SanDisk brought to the conference. Aside from the new high-capacity microSD card, the company is also rolling out the latest version of its Android app Memory Zone. SanDisk is rolling out a new feature in the app called OptiMem.

The new app feature facilitates smart allocation of older media files in Android devices into microSD cards. In the process, it is freeing up important or valuable built-in storage in the device. At the same time, it is keeping the users more informed about how much storage is left for them to work with. Thus, users would not be surprised that they are already using up allocations.

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