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San Francisco High School Shooting: Teen Deliberately Targeted

San Francisco High School Shooting: Teen Deliberately Targeted
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San Francisco High School Shooting: Teen Deliberately Targeted

A small San Francisco high school, on Tuesday, went berserk as sounds of gunfire echoed through the school’s hallways. Four students were wounded in the shooting. One of them, a female, received critical injuries. Police have extended their search for the shooter(s).

At around 3:20 p.m., as classes in the June Jordan School for Equity Campus concluded for the day, chaos ensued as shots were being fired within the campus. Teachers were trying to shove the students into the classroom, bolting the doors for the students’ safety.

A report by the SF Gate news channel claims that several shots were fired into a group of students gathered in the school’s parking lot. When police arrived, the school was immediately placed under “lock-out”- authorities went from classroom to classroom trying to determine if the shooter was still inside.

“This was not just a random shooting,” said Manfredi, a spokesperson for the San Francisco police. “We believe one of the victims may have been the initial target.”

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Fernando Rodriguez, 16, said that he was walking down a hallway when he heard at least six “pops.” Students began running in all directions, creating utter confusion and chaos, as teachers tried to push them into the classrooms, said the June Jordan junior.

“It was terrifying,” said Rodriguez. “We walk into this school every day, every morning, and to hear gunshots like that — just scary.”

The SF police later announced that four male suspects of the June Jordan High School shooting were seen running west on the Brazil Avenue, reported the SF Examiner. The suspect(s) remained at large as of Tuesday evening.

The June Jordan High School was expected to remain open on Wednesday with heightened security in the campus area, according to spokesperson for the school district Heidi Anderson. She also added that the school will be offering the service of grief counselors and extra security to help the victims and to ensure safety of the students.

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