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This San Antonio Veteran Just Turned 108

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This San Antonio Veteran Just Turned 108

One Army veteran had just celebrated his 108th birthday. And on his special day, Eugene Ruf took the time to spill his secrets how to live a long and happy life.

During his birthday celebration, Ruf got to enjoy a nice big cake. They threw a party for him at his assisted facility. In fact, Brookdale Senior Living Solutions prepared for the occasion by decorating the room festively. Meanwhile, Ruf’s family came over to greet him and have a great time.

Ruf could have died during World War II.

As Ruf celebrated getting another year wiser, he couldn’t help but look back a little. In his younger days, Ruf had been an Army master sergeant. He was a combat engineer deployed to the Allied approach to the Sigfried Line in Europe. As a GI during World War II, he found himself serving on the front lines. And one day, he came close to being killed in action. “I was sitting in a weapons carrier and a bullet went right through the door. It went through and I could have been killed in that one,” Ruf told mySA during a recent interview. The round ended up stopping just a foot or so in front of him. When that happened, only one thing entered Ruf’s mind. “I thought I was lucky, that’s all, lucky. Lucky, lucky me,” he remarked.

After getting lucky in World War II, Ruf continued serving the Army. In fact, he joined the war in Korea after 1950. He may have seen a lot of action during his time in service, but Ruf’s memory of what happened are now quite vague. What he has not forgotten, however, are things that make him laugh.

Ruf’s secret to a long life includes cigars, women and vodka.

Old jingles are one of them. Ruf has always had a fondess for Camel’s slogan, “I’d Walk A Mile for a Camel.” He also can’t forget all of the Lucky Strike commercials. He even hums them to this day. Lucky strikes are very familiar to Ruf since it was part of his Army rations in Europe. He never smoked them though, although he smokes cigars. He believes that the secret to a long and happy life includes cigars. But you have to combine them with women and Heaven Hill vodka. ” Good, clean living,” Ruf remarked with a chuckle.

According to Ruf, he is going to have another party over the weekend. This time, he said there would be a little scotch or vodka.

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