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San Antonio, It’s Time to Celebrate! Google Fiber Is Coming

San Antonio, It’s Time to Celebrate! Google Fiber Is Coming
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San Antonio, It’s Time to Celebrate! Google Fiber Is Coming

After Austin, San Antonio is the next to welcome Google Fiber. This will allow the company to provide its speedy 1Gbps Internet to the city’s population – 1.4 million residents.

We must say that the city deserves the service considering the efforts it has put into bringing Google Fiber to its residents. Even when the official rollout plans are absent, the city approved leases for Google’s networking nodes. Now this is not only good news for San Antonio, this has also cleared the blockage for Google Fiber’s next project providing the service to 34 more cities. Some of the cities that Google Fiber is eying are – Raleigh-Durham, San Jose, Nashville, Portland, Phoenix and more.

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Google’s future plans include providing the city with TV and internet services. As this may take some time, Google will have to face strong competition from companies already established in the city and are doing well in the same domain. Similarly, AT&T is another company that is looking forward to launch its gigabit internet service in the city.

Why San Antonio?

As mentioned in the company’s blogpost, San Antonio was chosen as it is not just a tech hub but also a fast-growing city. The city has also been chosen for President Obama’s Tech Hire and Connect Home initiatives. This definitely makes the city one of the best candidates for launching the service.

About the development, Ivy R. Taylor, San Antonio’s Mayor said, ‘“Google Fiber will provide San Antonio with the competitive business and entrepreneurial edge needed in this era of continuously evolving high-speed technology.”

He further added, “As the seventh largest city in America, San Antonio has worked closely with Google Fiber to plan a network that will attract and retain the next generation of innovators.”

With this wonderful news, we look forward to Google Fiber’s next update about entering other major cities as well.

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