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Samsung Upgrades Galaxy Devices to KitKat

Samsung Upgrades Galaxy Devices to KitKat


Samsung Upgrades Galaxy Devices to KitKat

Samsung Electronics has announced the upgrade of some of its Galaxy devices to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. In a statement, the smartphone manufacturer said that beginning today, some of its popular gadgets would receive updates. This is surely a welcome note for many users, who have been longing to migrate to the new mobile operating system.

The upgrade would include several carrier variants of popular Samsung devices. Those include the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Light, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Note 8.0, and Galaxy Note 10.1. The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition is also included in the list.

New features

The company said this upgrade will provide various innovative and easy-to-use features that would enhance users’ experiences when using the devices. It has also launched a more intuitive and better looking user interface, which comes along with updated applications and enhanced messaging capabilities.

There would be a new location menu that would help users in activating GPS, mobile networks, and Wi-Fi. It would also help make it easier to check battery usage even without the need to tap through various settings. What’s more? There would be enhanced messaging system that would serve as an option between Hangouts and Messages as a preferred default messaging app. There would even be more emoji icons available.

Now, users of the devices could also automatically back up photographs and videos. They could even open, view, share, and rename Google Docs and files through the upgraded apps of Google Mobile Service (GMS).

Android KitKat

Google Inc launched KitKat on October 31. Back then, the new OS promised support for the voice command called ‘OK Google’ that is found in Motorola’s Moto X as well as in the Droid lineup. KitKat also comes with full-screen album as well as movie art that will appear and play once the device’s screen is locked. There is even the ability to seek, play, and pause album viewing anytime.

KitKat is also attractive because of its added smart features. Those include the caller ID, prioritized contacts list, and multi-tasking features. The announcement of Samsung may dawn hope to Samsung Galaxy Nexus users who have been asking for an upgrade to KitKat since its launch. Such users have already posted an online petition to request the much sought-after update.

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