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Samsung to introduce USB-C in Galaxy Note 6

Samsung to introduce USB-C in Galaxy Note 6
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr cc


Samsung to introduce USB-C in Galaxy Note 6

In the upcoming Galaxy Note 6, Samsung will be replacing its microUSB for USB Type-C according to SamMobile. However, we still aren’t sure on the detailed specifics, if the mobile would use USB 3.1 or a different equivalent standard.

Although you might wonder why the company didn’t adopt these changes in its latest flagships, Samsung’s Gear VR headset wouldn’t have been compatible if Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were USB-C. But, if Samsung were to introduce Note 6 at 5.8 inches it shatters its compatibility with Gear VR (the headset could fit in a screen as big as Note 5 at 5.5 inch. This is the maximum fit for Gear VR)

If there is a possibility that Samsung has plans to introduce a new VR compatible with USB-C, this could clear all the chaos the new model could eventually cause. Last week reports from Samsung confirmed that the company is working on releasing a standalone VR headset and also revealed VR- Ready headphones at SXSW this year.

Recent rumors also suggest that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may include IR Autofocus. This feature could easily allow the camera to sense heat temperature and also serve in identifying living organism based on their heat.

Samsung has considered VR to be a primary package that would be perfectly compatible with the Galaxy series. Their plan for USB Type-C also hints changes in the mobile’s physical attribution and dimensions. The Galaxy Note 6 would be improving its hardware specs (rumors suggest 6GB of RAM and 4,000mAh battery) to enhance its processing when used as a VR setup. Click here for SamMobile’s original report.

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