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Samsung S7: Don’t Use Your Phone Before Doing These Things

Samsung S7: Don’t Use Your Phone Before Doing These Things
Samsung Galaxy S7 launch, Barcelona 2016 Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC BY 2.0


Samsung S7: Don’t Use Your Phone Before Doing These Things

Have you preordered your Samsung S7 or S7 Edge? If yes, then you will soon be receiving your brand new device. Whenever you buy a new smartphone, there are some things you should do that would let you maximize your phone in terms of usage. So as soon as you unbox your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, make sure you follow the things mentioned below before you put your mobile phone to use.

Samsung has brought a wonderful camera to Galaxy S7. Make sure you use it to the fullest. To add to the joy, microSD card slot has also been reintroduced on Samsung S7. So the very first thing you should do is, get a microSD card and increase the storage of your phone. As your phone is now going to be your one and only entertainment stop, make sure you have enough space for videos, pictures, music, apps, etc.

Samsung S7 sports a fingerprint sensor. Another thing you will have to do before you start using this smartphone is, during the setup process, set up fingerprints. As Droid Life suggests, “setup four fingers: your two thumbs and your two index fingers. With this setup, you can quickly unlock your phone while in either hand, but also use a finger to unlock it if it’s lying on a table.”

Let us move on to your device’s camera now. Firstly, enable Quick Launch so that you never miss a great shot. When you see a bird flying and want to capture it, it is unwise to go to the menu and look for the cam. With Quick launch feature, you will be able to open your camera by just double-tapping on home. You can enable this feature from Settings.

Make sure you keep your phone away from bloatware. Samsung S7 will come with pre-installed apps which you may never use. It is alright to get rid of such apps. It will make space for the apps you need on your phone. Display-On is a new feature that allows you to keep the light of your screen on. This is more important when you are in a meeting or cooking or feeding your babies. You need to see the time or battery percentage or notifications, then without touching your phone, you can do so. Turn this feature on. Have any more tips to add? Comment below.

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