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Samsung To Rollout Safety Truck

Samsung To Rollout Safety Truck
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Samsung To Rollout Safety Truck

South Korean Multinational Company, Samsung, has announced that it will begin supplying “Safety Trucks” globally. The move is set to happen after four months of reliability testing. According to ZDNet last year in June, the concept was first introduced unofficially through a blog post teaser. The announcement this time however marks the first time that the commercial version of Samsung’s Safety Truck is officially unveiled to the public.

Samsung’s Safety Truck is currently on Argentinean roads getting tested in time for its global distribution.  The vehicle has a built-in wireless camera on the front and four monitors on the back forming a “video wall” which live-feeds the view ahead of the truck with assisting other drivers who are attempting to overtake it, in mind. It works both during the day and even at night.

The live-feeds allow the other drivers to have a better view, and in turn will aid them in deciding if it is okay to overtake or not or if there are any overtaking opportunities. Another advantage of this vehicle from the Korean tech company is it might help in reducing the risks of accidents which are usually caused by sudden braking or animals crossing the street.

The Safety Truck which is designed to maintain visual quality even under strong sunlight and is also dust and water proof. It was develop by Samsung’s enterprise team under its Visual Display division who is in charge of the developments of all non-mobile gadgets with a display panel. The company known for its smartphones also said that this Safety Truck project was made possible by its partnerships with some companies specialising in certain areas of the concept.

According to Samsung Electronics Argentina, it has partnered with Leo Burnett Argentina, Ingemática, Helvetica SA, and Volvo Trucks Argentina. Leo Burnett Argentina is an advertising agency with a global reach while Ingemática is a tech solutions dedicated business. On the other hand, Helvetica SA is known to be a national company dedicated to trailer engineering and construction; while Volvo Trucks is one of the leading truck manufacturers across the globe.

The official launch of Samsung’s Safety Trucks was held at the iconic racing circuit Roberto José Mouras and was sponsored by retail giant Garbarino; and electronic products production and commercialization dedicated companies Visuar and Mirgor. It was attended by distinguished business leaders as well as members of domestic and international media.

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