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Samsung Reportedly Plans to Launch ‘Watch-Phone’ in June or July

Samsung Reportedly Plans to Launch ‘Watch-Phone’ in June or July


Samsung Reportedly Plans to Launch ‘Watch-Phone’ in June or July

Samsung Reportedly Plans to Launch ‘Watch-Phone’ in June or JulySamsung Electronics is cooking up something new and it’s about to be unveiled pretty soon. That is if reports are true that the South Korean smartphone manufacturer is developing a new smartwatch that can possibly make and even receive calls without being tethered to a mobile phone.

According to well-placed sources, the company may possibly unveil this new product in as early as next month. Those sources also claimed that if the new smartwatch is not launched in June, it may be finally unveiled in July. Exact dates are yet to be finalized and Samsung is also yet to make any confirmation about such reports.

Samsung is reportedly under negotiations with several telecom carriers in the US, in Europe, and in its home market in South Korea for the launch of the product, which is described by sources as a ‘watch phone.’ Just like the biggest smartphone maker, those telecom companies remain mum when asked about the report.


This early, sources clarify that the ‘watch-phone’ would be different from the smartwatch Galaxy Gear in many ways, although both devices are wearables. For one, Galaxy Gear has to be linked to a smartphone for its to work when making and receiving messages as well as performing many other basic and additional functions.

The ‘watch-phone’ is also reportedly running on the company’s own Tizen operating system. Thus, according to reports, it can actually take photographs and process email messages independently. What’s more? The product is expected to also be equipped with a reliable heart monitor, which is becoming popular in smartwatches these days.

Tight race

If the reported ‘watch-phone’ is launched as reported, it would further make Samsung ahead of the race for wearable devices. The company’s fiercest rival is yet to make any announcement (or confirmation) about the reported ‘iWatch’ it is supposedly developing. The two firms are expected to keep the race in the technology device makes active and intense this year.

To date, the industry is yet to determine the demand and the scale of market for new gadgets like smart watches and smart glasses. However, most analysts are confident that those new gadgets would be the future of technology, coming at a time when the market seems already saturated with numerous mobile devices available to consumers.

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