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Samsung Pay Now Supports Virtual Reality In-App Purchases

Samsung Pay Now Supports Virtual Reality In-App Purchases
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Samsung Pay Now Supports Virtual Reality In-App Purchases

Virtual Reality is, without a doubt, the future of everything and brands are making sure they step into the future before anyone else can. While some are busy manufacturing the VR headsets, others are extending support by releasing content for these headsets. Samsung has taken a different turn and has now made Samsung Pay compatible with this tech.

With Samsung Pay extending support for in-app purchases on virtual reality headsets, you can now buy content the same way you make an online purchase. About the move, Nathalie Oestmann, Head of Samsung Pay Europe while speaking to CNBC said, “Gift cards I think provide us with a unique way to provide offers, we have in-app, that is on our road map, online commerce, being able to pay online with Samsung Pay is very important.” He further added, “People are browsing retail sites. Many are browsing but only a small number are paying. Merchants will want to close that gap, banks would like to close that gap, if you use Samsung Pay in an in-app capacity, you won’t have to re-enter card details.”

Apple pay has in-app purchases too, so this innovation may not be new, but for Samsung, it is the first time. As Samsung already has its own virtual reality headset, it’s expected that they have exclusive features in order to beat the competitors. Speaking merely of the payment system, Samsung in terms of compatibility, is ahead of other brands. Till now, Samsung is the only company of whose digital payment system works with credit/debit card machines at the stores. This has made it already accessible to a large number of Samsung users. Oestmann has also said that “Some conversations we have been hearing about is how great would it be if you could enter a store with your VR headset and you browse the store in VR. You can click and pick what you want. I would like to be the payment mechanism behind that.” So now you know what the company is aiming at.

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