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Samsung Patents New Galaxy S Pen

Samsung Patents New Galaxy S Pen
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Samsung Patents New Galaxy S Pen

Samsung is reportedly patenting a new Galaxy S pen which would be a definite improvement from the older version. Generally, Galaxy pens are not that bad. Pens have gradually gotten better over the years. However, these pens have only one function and that is to be a stylus. This is one of the things Samsung wants to change, reports Techno Buffalo. The new Galaxy S pen is going to be more than just a stylus as it will also be a smartphone stand.

According to the patent which was discovered by Patently Mobile, the new S pen will supposedly work not only as a stylus but also as a kickstand of their mobile device. The patent application by Samsung was published by the US patent & Trademark office earlier this year, which revealed a design twist to the usual Galaxy Pen should it happen.

Buyers of the said pen will find that they will be able to pull the Samsung pen halfway out of its integrated holder. It can then be folded and locked into position so that it can function as a smartphone kickstand.  Once the Galaxy S Pen is bent and locked, consumers will now be able to keep their devices in landscape or portrait mode to watch movies or interact with other apps without having to purchase any special cover from third party manufacturers.

Meanwhile, if the user decides to also bend the exposed part of the Samsung S pen at the joint, the half remaining in the pen’s holding groove is automatically locked into position to provide the user with a sturdy stand. Once the Galaxy S Pen is move to its straightened position, it is automatically unlocked to allow the pen to be removed or inserted back fully into its resting groove.

The US patent application is said to be filed back 2015’s third quarter. Since the Galaxy S pen is still a patent, there are several ways it can result to. One, always remember that all patents, even if applied and approved, doesn’t always result to production. We have seen this in the past where published patents end up as just that –patents. Either the production failed on manufacturing what they had in mind or they lacked resources to complete the patent.

Another way is for the Galaxy S pen patent to be manufactured but end up in storage as the company ends up getting unsatisfied or getting a new management in the process of completing the said product. Another result can be that somehow, some other company or individual has managed to create a similar product or something even better, making it such a waste to still try to manufacture and sell to the market.

Either way, one can say that the new patent of the supposedly Samsung Galaxy S Pen is something that smartphone users can do or do without at this time. Who knows, by next week, something better might come out. After all, the market for the smartphone industry is getting tighter each day.

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