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Samsung Now Has Ad Blocking Support

Samsung Now Has Ad Blocking Support
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Samsung Now Has Ad Blocking Support

Last year, the public saw how Apple introduced ad blocking support for its Safari web browser in time for their iOS 9 release. This week, Samsung launched its own support for content and ad blocking in all default web browsers installed in its Android devices.

The update, which started rolling out this week to all Android Lollipop run devices or higher, works similar to that of Apple’s iOS 9 ad blocking support. The support allows third party developers the ability to build apps that will block distracting and intrusive ads on mobile web. It also allows them to strip out extra content from web pages allowing them to consume less data and load faster.

The said apps are made possible by the South Korean based company’s new content blocker extension API that is coming to the latest version of the Samsung Internet Browser. This means that Samsung users need to use the company’s own browser in order to try this new feature.

The latest feature might be part of an effort to gather more audience for Samsung’s potential audience. Currently, the company’s browser, according to Google Play Store, has over 10 million downloads, excluding those who have Samsung devices. The company’s browser is already pre-installed on all Samsung devices.

However, the Samsung browser has much to cover if they want to be just like iOS’ Safari because while Safari dominates most iOS devices, the same cannot be said for the Samsung browser. According to the data gathered by Net Application, Google Chrome seems to be undefeated as the top choice for browsers.

This latest feature, according to Tech Crunch, makes Samsung the first major Android device manufacturer to introduce ad blocking since Apple made its ground-breaking ad blocker launch which has climbed to the top of the App Store chart unbelievably fast. This made web publishers concerned about the impact it might have on their bottom lines.

After Samsung’s ad blocking announcement, ad blocker makers have since launched their apps that support Samsung phones. Among these apps, Crystal and Adblock Fast has been the first to be released.

Adblock Fast claims that it has already over 200,000 users for its app which is also live on browsers Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The company claims that its app offer seven optimized filtering rules which make websites run 51 percent faster on average.

Meanwhile Crystal offers the same filter list and at the same time blocks malware, social networking annoyances, and tracking technology while also giving its consumers the ability to support sites that conform to the Acceptable Ads criteria by allowing by allowing non-intrusive advertising.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will manage to attract more users to use their mobile browser with this latest feature.

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