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Samsung Milk VR: Watch Virtual Reality Content Without Gear VR

Samsung Milk VR: Watch Virtual Reality Content Without Gear VR
Samsung Galaxy Note 5, IFA 2015 Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC BY 2.0


Samsung Milk VR: Watch Virtual Reality Content Without Gear VR

We cannot deny the fact that Virtual Reality is the future of tech. When the whole tech industry is working on either manufacturing headsets or compatible content, Samsung has shocked everyone by coming up with an app called Samsung Milk VR that allows you to watch VR content without Gear VR headset. Does that mean VR headsets would be gone even before they properly settled down in the market?

When you download Samsung Milk VR, you will be able to download as well as watch VR content on your Samsung phone even without Gear VR. And if there is content, you wish to watch later on the headset, you can do that too. This app works only on the following phones:

  1. Galaxy S7,
  2. Galaxy S7 edge,
  3. Galaxy Note 5,
  4. Galaxy S6,
  5. Galaxy S6 edge, and
  6. Galaxy S6 edge+

More about Samsung Milk VR

Samsung Milk VR hit the Play Store on April 11. The app allows users to access 360-degree videos. Unlike headset, you will have to keep panning your mobile to enjoy these videos. According to Samsung, here is what the app is all about:

“Now access Samsung Milk VR’s amazing library of 360 degree, immersive videos even when you don’t have your Samsung Gear VR nearby. The Samsung Milk VR mobile app allows you to discover, search, download, and play 360 video content on your Samsung phone anytime and anywhere”

But yes, the experience differs from the one you get on the headset. Who would want to keep spinning the phone to enjoy a 360-degree video, especially the ones who own the headset? Anyways, there is no harm in trying the app. You may just like. If you are planning to download Samsung Milk VR, here is how to use it:

Download the app > Choose 360-degree content > Pan the handset > Enjoy the video

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Download the app today and let us know what do you prefer for a VR experience – a VR headset or Samsung Milk VR.

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