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Samsung May Soon Transform Your Hand Into A Keyboard

Samsung May Soon Transform Your Hand Into A Keyboard
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Samsung May Soon Transform Your Hand Into A Keyboard

Samsung wants to allow users to type on their hands soon. According to new reports, the company’s patent will eventually allow a new type of smartwatch keyboard to be projected on the user’s hands. Can Samsung be the future?

According to reports, Samsung has filed a patent that will allow smartwatches to have built-in projector capabilities. The projector can put an interactive display on a person’s hand. According to Digital Trends, given the features, people won’t have to interact with the touch screen of the watch. Instead, they could control the functions and the device via the projection on the hand.

The patent reportedly comes with a camera, processor, and projector. These components would be able to map out the hand of the user and project the display according to parameters. An example would be projecting different buttons per finger.

The patent provides an image of the map on the actual smartwatch display. The wearer’s hand will also be able to access control for maps. Since smartwatches are still having a hard time with maps, the technology could make it easier for a lot of people.

Samsung wants to solve the problem with tiny displays and allow people to play games, send emails, and perform other actions despite the limits of the size of the device.

“A wearable device typically has a smaller display screen than display screens of other terminal devices,” Information Week quoted the company.

“Thus, accurately receiving touch input through a display screen or touch panel of a wearable device can be difficult because a user’s finger can be larger than a selection area on the screen, causing the user to accidentally select an incorrect icon or other displayed item.”

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