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Samsung Keyboard Bug Makes 600 Million Devices Vulnerable

Samsung Keyboard Bug Makes 600 Million Devices Vulnerable
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Samsung Keyboard Bug Makes 600 Million Devices Vulnerable

Over 600 million Samsung devices are vulnerable over a keyboard bug issue. Samsung users who have downloaded the Android keyboard are at the mercy of hackers for whom it has become easy to take full control of the smartphones or tablets.

The problem will remain in the devices and cannot be deleted. Users with Samsung Galaxy handsets can be spied on, for example, while using unsecured or public Wi-Fi. As per a CNN Money report, the users can even land into problems if they are using mobile networks.

CNN Money also reported Samsung saying that it “takes emerging security threats very seriously… and [is] committed to providing the latest in mobile security.”

As reported earlier, the problem was discovered by Ryan Welton, a researcher from NowSecure, a well-known security company, which said, “The keyboard was signed with Samsung’s private signing key and runs in one of the most privileged contexts on the device, system user, which is a notch short of being root.”

“Unfortunately, the flawed keyboard app can’t be uninstalled or disabled,” Welton added. “It isn’t easy for the Samsung mobile device user to tell if the carrier has patched the problem with a software update.”

SwiftKey is also affected by the Samsung keyboard bug which has made people worry over their smartphone usage.

According to NowSecure, the problem with the keyboard was notified to Samsung in November last year, and in December, the company responded by saying it will fix the issue in one year. The amount of time can turn to be quite troublesome for users.

Samsung, on the other hand, has revealed that it will issue Knox Security to solve the SwiftKey issue. It is expected that the patch update will solve the problem to a certain extent.

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