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Samsung is Updating the Original Galaxy Gear’s Software From Android to Tizen

Samsung is Updating the Original Galaxy Gear’s Software From Android to Tizen


Samsung is Updating the Original Galaxy Gear’s Software From Android to Tizen

Samsung is Updating the Original Galaxy GearSamsung has revealed and has begun rolling out a new update for the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch which will replace the device’s Android OS with Tizen, Samsung’s own wearable device operating system, according to a report by SamMobile.

In a preview video, Sam Mobile showed users the new features and apps users will find when their Galaxy Gears start running Samsung’s in-house operating system. The OS update, which will bring version 2.2.0 of
Tizen to the Galaxy Gear, means that all of Samsung’s wearable devices will now run on the same operating steam.

Users who download the update won’t see much of a difference in visuals between Android and Tizen but will see a slew of improvements elsewhere including improved performance, improved battery life, the introduction of a standalone music player, customizable shortcuts for tap input, voice commands in the camera, and other things.

Software features and functionalities that were introduced with Samsung’s current line of smartwatches – the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo – will also be available on the Galaxy Gear with Tizen except for the features that are
dependent on the newer update. Additionally, some third-party apps may not work after updating the OS and users will have to wait until developers release their apps for Tizen as well as high school.

The new Tizen upgrade brings in a ton of new features and functionality to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. “The Galaxy Gear can now measure sleep patterns using Sleep mode, it can also keep track of your workouts in real time using Exercise mode. In Android, the Galaxy Gear was only able to track footsteps using the built-in Pedometer. Samsung has also included a standalone music player, which allows the user to store music on the smartwatch itself. Previously in Android, there was a double tap shortcut to quick controls in which the user could manage the display brightness and sound volume, Samsung now allows the user to customize the double tap shortcut and set it to any desired application.”

“Due to this change, Samsung has created a separate Controls app, so if the user wants the quick controls functionality back they can simply choose the Controls app as the shortcut. Moreover, the user is able to choose
between different font styles, set custom wallpaper, choose home icon size, connect bluetooth headset and set privacy lock. Samsung has also introduced voice commands in the camera app. Almost all features from Samsung’s new Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are present in the update, except WatchON Remote and Heart Rate monitor.”

Galaxy Gear owners will need to update their device either via Kies or manually by downloading it from the SamMobile’s firmware section. No word was released on whether Samsung will distribute the update over the air. Users are advised to back up their data before attempting to update their Galaxy Gear device.

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