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Samsung Gear VR Launches In Canada And Australia

Samsung Gear VR Launches In Canada And Australia
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Samsung Gear VR Launches In Canada And Australia

The Gear VR headset from Samsung is now available in Canada and Australia. Read on to know more about pricing and availability details.

Samsung Gear VR is getting more and more popular. Image-hosting website Flickr is also supporting the VR headset.

For now, Gear VR is focusing on getting launched in Canada and Australia. Whereas the stores in Australia will sell this gadget for $159, the product will be sold for CAD$139.99 in Canada. But stocks are limited for Canadian markets, as per Best Buy. The Source has listed Gear VR as “on backorder.” What does that mean? This virtual reality headset will ship only by December 16, 2015.

Prasad Gokhale, mobile vice-president of Samsung Electronics Australia, said about the Samsung Gear VR headset, “We see the Gear VR as a way to open the door of immersive virtual reality for Australians who demand the best mobile experiences.” He also added that with the VR headset, Samsung aims to drive forward innovation in the company’s wearable technology.

Samsung Gear VR, which is created along with Oculus, will have more content. VR web browsing is also expected. This is known as “Samsung Internet for Gear VR Beta.” With the optimized web browser for Gear VR headset, websites will deliver 3D and 360-degree videos from websites like YouTube. Users will also be able to import bookmarks from this web browser.

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