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Samsung Gear S2 Vs. Apple Watch, Not Too Many Differences?

Samsung Gear S2 Vs. Apple Watch, Not Too Many Differences?
Samsung Gear S2, IFA 2015 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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Samsung Gear S2 Vs. Apple Watch, Not Too Many Differences?

Are smartwatches confusing you? Here’s a comparison between Samsung Gear S2 and Apple Watch to help you make a better decision in buying one.

Smartwatches are relatively new, and till date, not many people have fallen for their charm.

Only 3 percent of people aged 16 and above own a smartwatch, according to Kantar research. This is because there are already smartphones that can do what a watch can. But still, the makers are not giving up on wearables anytime soon. So here we compare two smartwatches from the best brands in the market, Apple and Samsung.

Being manufactured by two different brands, there will be differences in these two gadgets. Whereas one might give you better access to social media, the other may let you work comfortably with emails.

As for the design, Apple’s sports a premium look whereas Samsung Gear S2 has a very classic look. If you go by looks, both timepieces win here. But if you wear your watch on the right hand, Apple Watch should be your pick. Why? Because the design of Apple Watch is reversible. Users are allowed to flip the UI, making it easier for people who prefer the watch on their right hand.

When it comes to battery, Samsung Gear S2 wins over Apple Watch since the former has battery life that can last for two days. Apple has always been facing complaints regarding the life of its devices’ batteries, and this has continued with its wearable as well. With improvements, the battery of this smartwatch now lasts up to one and a half days. If you are planning to invest into a watch as a fitness tracker, both are equally good. They track your steps and heart rate. When it comes to accuracy, Apple Watch as well as Gear S2 deliver accurate results. Speaking of social media, both timepieces will alert you only about notifications but not direct you to a Facebook page. Apple Watch lets you view Instagram photos, though.

When choosing a  smartwatch, you are free to make a choice based on the operating systems. If you own an iPhone, it is always better to go for an Apple Watch. If you are an Android owner, choose Samsung Gear S2. It will save you lot of trouble in the future.

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