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Samsung Gear S Set for a November 7 Release

Samsung Gear S Set for a November 7 Release


Samsung Gear S Set for a November 7 Release

Samsung Gear S Set for a November 7 ReleaseSamsung Gear S is finally set for a release. The standalone smartwatch would start hitting the market on Friday (November 7). It will be rolled out as planned—in white or black. It would also be  distributed through the four major wireless carriers in the US.

The new wearable from Samsung actually does not require connection with a smartphone, unlike most of its competing devices. Thus, users of the Samsung Gear S could make and receive phone calls directly from their wrists. They can even get calls that are forwarded from their smartphones.

Buying through carriers

However, the new device would also require a mobile plan as it is to be carried out by the major wireless service providers. AT$|&T will offer it for $199.99, along with a two-year subscription contract. There will also be an option to add to into an existing Mobile Share plan for a monthly fee of $10.

T-Mobile and Sprint are bent to offer the smartwatch for $0 down payment. But there would be 24-month regular payments and tax charges. Through Sprint’s Easy Pay, buyers can opt to buy the device in full for $384, but with $16 installments monthly to be rolled out in 24 months. T-Mobile subscribers will have to wait until November 9 to buy their wearables in installment schemes.

Meanwhile, there is no word yet from Verizon. The carrier has not yet confirmed any launch date for the new smartwatch through its network. However, it has just announced that it would carry the ‘next big thing’ from Samsung for $349.99, along with a subscription contract.

Basic features

Samsung first unveiled its Tizen-based standalone wearable in August. Back then, it said the device would feature curved Super AMOLED display, a dual core processor, and 512MB of RAM coming with 4GB of storage.

Samsung Gear S is designed to support 2G, 3G, and Bluetooth 4.1. It is also supporting 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. The new device will tap into the apps of Samsung Gear, which includes the top Samsung favorites like Nike+ running, S Voice, and S Health.

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