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‘Samsung Galaxy View’ Review – Is The $599 Price Tag Justifiable?

‘Samsung Galaxy View’ Review – Is The $599 Price Tag Justifiable?
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‘Samsung Galaxy View’ Review – Is The $599 Price Tag Justifiable?

Samsung Galaxy View is a tablet-cum-TV that meets your entertainment needs. But is the price tag of $599 justified?

Samsung Galaxy View” is designed to deliver “unprecedented mobile entertainment experience by streaming video and media content on the largest Android mobile device on the market,” says Samsung. But as a tablet, can it do more than just that? Is it alright to buy this tablet-cum-TV for $599 just to stream videos?

Samsung Galaxy View is without a doubt a wonderful gadget, especially if you spend most of your time watching videos, playing games or listening to music. Yes, it is designed keeping in mind the ones who do not have time to sit in front of the TV and watch their favorite programs at the same time. It is for those who like to stream movies and sports while on the go.

But what if you also want to draft an urgent email? What if you are a writer and you want to note down an idea for a novel using Word? You are in trouble, because you will not be able to hold this 18.4-inch tablet between your palms and easily type with the on-screen keyboard. To be able to work, you will need to make this tablet stand and attach a physical keyboard. Only then it would work.

But if we consider its purpose, it does a pretty good job. With a 5,700 mAh battery, it offers you an 8-hour video playthrough and a 32/64GB internal memory with a slot for a microSD card. So you have enough space as well as long-lasting battery to stream and store heavy content. And as Samsung mentioned on its official blog, “From the screen size to content, the Galaxy View has been designed with a video-centric interface in mind.” Aside from its price tag, Galaxy View is the perfect device to fulfill your entertainment needs.

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