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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Vs Apple iPad Air 2- Make An Ideal Purchase

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Vs Apple iPad Air 2- Make An Ideal Purchase
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Vs Apple iPad Air 2- Make An Ideal Purchase

Samsung and Apple have been rivals for a long time. Samsung aims at meeting consumer demands with low-cost, but advanced products, whereas Apple produces expensive tech products. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 costs you Rs 39,400 (approx. US$580), while the Apple iPad Air 2 comes at a price tag ranging between $499 and $699. Since the tablet prices are different, let’s compare their specs and features and find out which will be an ideal purchase.

Design and Display

Exceptionally slim and lightweight, the Galaxy Tab S2 has a big screen size of 9.7-inches with display ratio of 4:3, which makes it ideal for producing fantastic pictures. Apple claims to hold a world of possibilities packed in the iPad Air 2’s 6.1 millimeter screen. Same as Samsung, the tablet is light weight with a Retina Display capable of producing high definition picture quality, states Samsung.

The screen resolution for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is 2048 x 1536 pixels with color depth of 16M on its super AMOLEd screen. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad Air 2 offers a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel and 264 ppi, notes Apple.


The cameras in the devices are highly powerful. The Galaxy Tab S2 has a main camera with 8.0MP sensor and a front camera with 2.1MP sensor. The main camera is not supported by flash, it has auto focus technology. Also, the lens aperture of f/1.9 allows capturing crisper and brighter pictures even under low-light conditions.

As for the iPad Air 2, it has two amazing cameras with iSight technology that delivers advanced optics. An Apple designed image signal processor for the cameras make sure that every detail is caught meticulously. You can create extraordinary time-lapse videos since the iOS 9 operating system works great on the device.


The standard battery capacity of the Galaxy Tab S2 is 5,870mAH, and the iPad Air 2 is power-efficient too with a 10-hours of battery life. This means surfing, playing and working all through the day.


The Connectivity options in the Galaxy Tab S2 include USB2.0, GPS technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.1, etc. On the contrary, the iPad Air 2 comes with fast wireless connectivity that allows streaming videos and downloading movies really quick.

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