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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 + 10.1 up for pre-order in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 + 10.1 up for pre-order in the UK


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 + 10.1 up for pre-order in the UK

With the release of new tab pro series, Samsung has thrown a tough competition for Android developers. Securing the quality level to its maximum, Samsung has recently released tab pro 8.4 and 10.1 with attractive features that have never seen before collectively in one device. The major difference between the two devices is the screen size, resolution and processors.

Tab pro 8.4 is a handy and portable addition with a screen size of 8.4 inches and 359 PPI density. It is powered up by a 2.3 GHz quad core C.P.U (Qualcomm snapdragon 800). While tab pro 10.1 is a large size device with 10.1 inches large and 229 PPI density attractive display. It is powered up by an Octa-Core CPU (1.9GHz+1.3GHz) giving its super-fast speed.

Both devices have Wi-Fi along with cellular data model and run latest 4.4 Kitkat version of android. Kitkat is the 10th version of android which is ideal for users who likes soft color schemes and flatter icons. Along with KitKat OS it is delighted with the Touchwiz UI which is basically a software made by Samsung with lots of apps preloaded providing user with a more friendly magazine type interface that is much more easy and interesting to use. With Touchwiz UI you can make actions to your device by turning, tilting and tapping. Now you can enjoy your work by operating the device with touch and gestures. A simple example is if you want to zoom the page just tap and tilt the device. One interesting thing is the device IR capability so you can use it to operate your TV and cable instead of remote control. Samsung has taken a step forward by designing Touchwiz UI to be more comfortable for large screens first time and stretch the android out of bulky features making it cleaner, accessible and user friendly.

In appearance they are similar to galaxy note family. With a faux leather durable and scratch less backing they are available in elegant black and white colors. Sides of screen are provided with the touch and capacitive buttons for easy handling. Both have an internal 16 GB memory but a card slot that can support 32 GB.

People keep different priorities when going to buy a tab. Samsung has tried the beast to cover broader range of user accessible and demanded qualities making it a first choice for any buyer.

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