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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Features: Might Include 4K Resolution, VR Support

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Features: Might Include 4K Resolution, VR Support
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Features: Might Include 4K Resolution, VR Support

There are still few months left for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to get unveiled, but analysts have not stopped figuring out the possible specifications of the much awaited smartphone.

One recent thought is about the display of the Galaxy S8, which is expected to turn to a UHD resolution display. The resolution worked out is 2160 x 3840, which will be far better than the current 1440 x 2560.

There are solid reasons why Samsung Galaxy S8 should enhance the resolution of the new model. The company wants to improve the display to support VR, but there is a high price paid through the constant battery drain when VR is used. Those who have installed the Oculus VR app on Galaxy S7 are facing a high battery draining issue.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is not the first one to use UHD resolution technology on smartphones, as Sony has already used it in Sony Xperia Z5 premium. But the resolution 2160 x 3840 is available only on videos and photos with the phone’s own camera. Rest everything is viewed in the resolution of 1080 x 1920 FHD.

According to Phone Arena, the Samsung Galaxy 8 is rumored to come to the market with a 3.5 mm earphone jack. Therefore the Type-C USB port will be able to handle audio as handled by the lightening port on iOS devices.

The next flagship model is also expected to have a Gorilla Glass 5 and this could be unveiled at MWC 2017. This popular trade show will be held in Barcelona from Feb 27th to March 2nd of next year 2017.

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Still analysts are doing their work to figure out more on the specifications of this much awaited flagship of Samsung. Well, there is some considerable time for this phone to be launched. Let us see what other new features are coming on the way.

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