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Samsung Galaxy S7 Wins Over iPhone 6S In Camera & Display

Samsung Galaxy S7 Wins Over iPhone 6S In Camera & Display
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Wins Over iPhone 6S In Camera & Display

The latest release from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 poses a big threat against Apple’s iPhone 6s, especially in two key areas. Users are mostly interested in camera and display when buying a phone, and the new Samsung flagship model has a win-win situation over the 6S in both the categories.


The fight between OLED and LCD is nothing new in the Samsung-Apple rivalry. OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays are curvy in nature and goes beyond the conventional flat-screen genre. In this context, CEO and expert Mr. Raymond Soneira at DisplayMate Technologies points out that future smartphones that going to be foldable and more flexible.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature the best OLED displays. Market research also reveals that OLED technology is progressing faster than LCD (liquid crystal display) since the former is lighter, thinner with near-rimless designs, faster response time, smaller bezel, high color accuracy, always-on display and more vibrant color, according to Forbes.

There were reports earlier this month that the Cupertino giant will use OLED display technology for its forthcoming iPhone 7S to compete with Samsung. According to rumors, Apple might sign a $12 billion deal with Samsung and LG for manufacturing OLED.


Samsung, by far, has the best reputation of building efficient cameras for low-light photography. A Samsung rear shooter is widely focused upon low-light improvements, and even Apple enthusiast site, iMore, approves Samsung’s claim. According to iMore, “The Galaxy s7 is the clear winner in our low-light shootout.” The clarity and brilliance of low-light photography with Samsung’s camera is attributed to the company’s own Exynos digital signal processor and wider aperture.

In comparison, the iPhone 6S camera is not equally efficient in capturing great shots in low-light conditions. The S7’s rear snapper can capture better details than the iPhone 6S. Indeed, the S7 triumphs over the iPhone 6S since the former is capable of delivering ‘usable’ photos in low light.

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