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Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. iPhone: Looks Like Samsung Will Finally Win The Race

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. iPhone: Looks Like Samsung Will Finally Win The Race
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. iPhone: Looks Like Samsung Will Finally Win The Race

Samsung has been constantly struggling to beat Apple and top the chart of best smartphones. The company, last year, released Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ with the intention to launch phones better than iPhones. Last year’s attempt was not a hit. Forget about beating iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the sales of these devices were also low. Let’s see what’s the scene on the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone front this year.

In the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone war, it looks like Samsung is finally getting where it is aiming to be. The rumors were hot since last year that Samsung is bringing together all the best smartphone features to Galaxy S7. As the phone has been officially unveiled now, we see some features Galaxy S7 has packed which iPhones lack.

Samsung  Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone: Samsung winning it with the features

Will the Samsung vs. Apple battle finally end with the launch of Galaxy S7? Or will it now be Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone till the next flagships are released? At least at this point in time, Galaxy S7 looks like a clear winner. Here’s why:

Wireless Charging: Samsung has, with Galaxy S7, introduced wireless charging. If we believe the company’s claims, this will charge the phone faster than our normal wired charging. This will also leave the headphone jack of the phone free so that you can listen to the music while your battery is getting charged. This remains one of the features that has the potential to beat the iPhones, But wait! Apple is said to be bringing charging from 15ft to iPhone 7. Samsung has successfully left older iPhones behind, but what about the upcoming iPhone?

Better camera: Smartphones today are more about cameras than calling these days. Sony’s Xperia series is doing great only on the basis of a quality camera. No company has still been able to be as good as Sony, when it comes to a smartphone camera. Between Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone, Samsung has managed to bring better camera to its phone than Apple. Galaxy S7 can capture better images in the dark. Also, the time the autofocus of Galaxy S7 takes is much lesser than that of iPhone 6S.

microSD card: The lack of microSD card is said to be the main reason why Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 did not do well last year. People still stick to Samsung phones for microSD cards. With no microSD card slot, many Samsung users then switched to iPhone. This year, will the sale of iPhones go down as Samsung is back with microSD card slots and other features better than iPhone’s? For more updates on Galaxy S7, keep watching this space.


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