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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Smartphone To Adopt iPhone 6S’ Live Photos Feature

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Smartphone To Adopt iPhone 6S’ Live Photos Feature
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Smartphone To Adopt iPhone 6S’ Live Photos Feature

One of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors want us to believe that Galaxy S7 may introduce iPhone 6S’ latest live photos feature. Read on for details.

In one of our previous articles, we saw how Samsung is trying to beat Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 with the Galaxy TabPro S. We already know the relationship Apple and Samsung share. The latter has been trying to be an iPhone killer but has not been successful yet. With the upcoming smartphone, Samsung may once again try to be like the iPhone by introducing iPhone 6S’ live photos feature on the Galaxy S7. Is it just a part of Samsung Galaxy S7 tumors, or it is a solid story?

Almost immediately after Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ were launched, Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors had started doing the rounds. The rumors had started saying that Samsung is working on unique features like a foldable display and a super powerful battery. As time passed, Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors suggest that the brand is doing nothing but pulling the best features of smartphones from well-known brands into one device.

Samsung’s live-photo feature will be called either “Vivid Photos” or “Timeless Photos.” Rather than saying that Samsung is bringing the iPhone’s latest feature live photos to Galaxy S7, Vivid Photos might be inspired by this feature. Vivid or Timeless Photos, unlike live photos, will not record audio along with the video. Why? Because the company plans to let users create GIFs with this feature that could be directly shared on Facebook.

Though Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors say that Vivid Photos may be introduced with the smartphone, chances of this are very rare. The Mobile World Congress 2016 is just a month away, and Galaxy S7 may be launched around this time. Additions to this device at this time is a bit too late. Let’s see if this turns out to be true or not. As there is no confirmation about Galaxy S7 from Samsung, all we can do is wait till the company officially announces the phone.

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