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‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ Rumor: Brand May Bring Back MicroSD Card Slot

‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ Rumor: Brand May Bring Back MicroSD Card Slot
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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‘Samsung Galaxy S7’ Rumor: Brand May Bring Back MicroSD Card Slot

Here is another Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor that is doing the rounds on the web. Stories suggest that Samsung may bring back microSD slots with the new phone.

Here comes another Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor. Samsung has chosen to manufacture devices without slots for microSD cards. But this didn’t go well with Samsung fans. Experts believe that the company is trying to imitate Apple by skipping microSD slots, and that it is an unwise decision that may affect Samsung’s sales negatively.

Due to such criticism, Samsung may bring back the microSD slot. Knowing that Galaxy S7 is the next in line, the industry believes Samsung will reintroduce microSD slots with these devices. Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are some of the latest high-end phones that didn’t attain expected sales. The lack of a microSD slot is considered one of the major reasons behind this.

In a report published on HDBlog.It, the website wrote, “According to rumors from our reliable sources, as happened with the Galaxy S6, also for the Galaxy S7 would have waited two versions. In addition to a ‘flat’ by 5.2 inches, should also get a version of ‘edge’ display with 5.7 inches. The special version of the edge concerns the presence of a slight curvature, as well as on the side edges, also on the top and bottom.”

In the report, the website further mentions, “Other interesting feature relates to the built-in memory. Most probably, in fact, Samsung could retrace his steps again making possible the memory expansion via microSD slot.”

Other rumors that surround Samsung Galaxy S7 are:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 might hit the market earlier than expected.

  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will cost less than Galaxy S6.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 may feature 3D Touch.

Keep watching this space for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S7. For more Galaxy S7 stories, click here.

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