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Samsung Galaxy S7 Batman Vs Superman Special Edition: 1000 Units In March?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Batman Vs Superman Special Edition: 1000 Units In March?
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Batman Vs Superman Special Edition: 1000 Units In March?

There couldn’t be a better choice to create the ultimate hype of a smartphone than by combining it with superhero themes. Samsung seems to be following a similar trend of creating sensation with gizmos and gadgets, by bringing the concept of Batman vs superman to its upcoming Galaxy S7 edition. As an additional treat, the Galaxy S7 was recently posted with teasers that describe its best features.

Samsung had previously launched an Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge, and this year, it is targeting one of the world’s biggest franchises, Batman vs superman, for its upcoming release. Leaked reports from Korean website, Naver (translated), confirm that there will be 1000 units of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Batman vs Superman edition.

The movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, is slated to release on March 24 and the special edition of the Samsung phones are expected to roll out in the market sometime in March or April. However, the special edition phone launch may delay by a month, reports Tech Times.

So, what can we expect from the Batman vs superman Samsung Galaxy S7 special edition? The devices will carry the superhero theme-based wallpapers, ringtones, etc. In addition, there will be other media provided on the phone that will be based on the movie. It won’t be just another good-looking smartphone, but everything about it will be based on the story surrounding the movie.

In a report by Pocket Lint, the device is teased with special taglines and official pictures, which you will find on the news site. They include:

  • In reference to the phone’s design, the teaser reads ‘Meet the irresistible’.
  • As far as phone’s security is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows up the tag ‘Experience privacy at its finest’.
  • ‘Bring light to night’ is in reference to the camera features.
  • As for user experience, the tag line is ‘worry-less discover’.

Thus, you will now have a phone with your favorite superhero theme combined with great features for the ultimate user experience.

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