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Samsung Galaxy S6 May Come With Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 May Come With Wireless Charging
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Samsung Galaxy S6 May Come With Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 may come with wireless charging. The speculations grew louder after Samsung’s principal engineer, Seho Park, wrote a blog discussing wireless charging becoming an industry standard for 2015.

“Samsung will accelerate to democratize this wireless charging technology with compelling smartphones. With our upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will be able to enter a new wireless world like never before,” Park wrote.

Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 Has Wireless Covers and Pads

Park said Samsung begun its creation of the wireless charging technology in late 2000. The company’s first goal was to create a technology that will make it convenient for users to charge their devices.

After bumps and hurdles, Samsung introduced its first commercial wireless charging pad for Droid Charge in the US in 2011, Park recalled. The company continued its experimentation with the technology until Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 had wireless charging pads as an accessory.

In 2013, the charging pads for the Galaxy S4 had about 80 separate components. In 2014, for the Galaxy S5, Samsung developers were able to lessen the number of components to 50, Park outlined. Park also added that developers were also able to make chips for the wireless charging smaller and thinner through the years. The IC chip inside the Galaxy Note 4 is now as thin as 0.8mm.

Also in 2014, Samsung released components that support multiple standards on a single chip. Park said it usually takes 6 to 12 months for the company to integrate new components in their product. Nevertheless, products with this single chip will be available to consumers this year.

“Two or three years ago, wireless charging was only twenty to thirty percent as fast as wired charging. But since then, we have been able to double the charging speed,” Park wrote.

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