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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Shaping Up To Everyone’s Dream Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Shaping Up To Everyone’s Dream Phone
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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Shaping Up To Everyone’s Dream Phone

Samsung still needs a killer phone that can bring it back it smartphone superstar status but that did not happen with the Galaxy Note 5. As the Samsung Galaxy S7 series still needs to garner the right traction, all hopes are pinned onto the Galaxy Note 6 which so far sounds like it will be living up to a certain reputation. Can Samsung deliver a new killer mobile phone?

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 6 phablet sometime this July. According to reports, the Galaxy Note 6 might be released in two versions: curved screen and flat screen.

According to Times of India, the curved version of the Galaxy Note 6 may be introduced as the successor of Galaxy S6 Edge+. The fact still remains that both iterations will come with  5.8-inch QHD display. Other things that people should expect include dust and water resistant capabilities, two processor variations (Exynos and Snapdragpn), massive GB RAM, micro SD slot that offers up to 32GB internal storage and Android N. It is also highly likely that it will come with an improved stylus and bigger battery.

According to Forbes, since Galaxy Note 5 could ultimately be considered as a mistake, Samsung appears to be ready to make big changes to the Galaxy Note line. According to the report, it is likely that one of the big changes that Samsung will offer is an edge display. Samsung is supposedly mulling strongly over giving the Note 6 a curved edge treatment that will make perfect sense. This will allow the South Korean tech giant to add more functionality into the Edge panels. More importantly, offer such type of display will also allow Samsung to differentiate the Note 6 range from the Galaxy S6 Edge+. It appears as though the latter will not last more than one generation. Nonetheless, all information must be taken with a grain of salt until Samsung dishes out the final details.

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