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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 News: May Include IR Autofocus

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 News: May Include IR Autofocus
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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 News: May Include IR Autofocus

Rumors also have a date of expiration and it seems like people way past debating over Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (which are set to come out soon) and moved onto the next big thing – Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The world of Android has fallen into a tizzy and everything from its probable screen size to its camera features are being discussed upon.

AndroidHeadlines has dived straight into the matter and are probing deeply to find out the truth. Some of their journalists managed to track down a Samsung engineer, who preferred to remain anonymous while pointing one of the camera features that one can expect to find in the upcoming Galaxy Note 6.

While he did not confirm or deny most of the rumors that are doing the rounds on the internet, he did hint that some of the prototypes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 are being tested for infrared-based autofocus compatibility. If this feature is worked into the main camera of the device, it could potentially become the highest-end model that Samsung has ever manufactured till date. The feature beats facial recognition by miles by letting the camera sense body heat, as opposed to human faces, making it easily detect all kinds of living organisms. It will also have the capability of maintaining its picture quality under dim lights.

However, all of this is still in an experimental stage and since the employee himself preferred to remain anonymous, this could very well be just another rumor in the mix.

According to Sammobile, some of the major rumors that are up on the internet regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 6 are that it will feature a “5.8-inch Slim RGB AMOLED display” and have 6GB of RAM. While both of them are equally unbelievable, nothing can be said for sure, as Samsung is known for surprising its users with the rarest of technologies in the market.

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