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Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Reasons Why it May Beat the iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Reasons Why it May Beat the iPhone 7
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Reasons Why it May Beat the iPhone 7

With what we have been hearing, iPhone 7 sounds like every iPhone lover’s dream come true. But just like every other time, Samsung is all set to launch a device that may give tough competition to this Apple product. With the Galaxy S7, Samsung already looks like it’s winning over Apple. Will it be the same with Samsung Galaxy Note 6?

Samsung and Apple have their own loyal fan base. But still like every other brand, they try to pull the other’s customers to one’s side. Sometimes, Samsung wins, while other times, Apple wins. Last year, Samsung lost many of its customers to Apple as the company launched devices without the SD card slot; the main reason why many smartphone users are still using Android phones. But this time, even though iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for Apple’s upcoming phone, here are some of the reason why people may end up buying Samsung Galaxy Note 6 than iPhone 7:


From the rumors we have been hearing about the iPhone 7, it looks like to buy this phone, you will have to sell not just one, but many of your body parts. To add to the already high prices, Apple is also giving up on the headphone jack. And the technology this phone is using will only add to the device’s price. Also, the display is getting slimmer and better. Rumors suggest that this upcoming phone from Apple may sport AMOLED display and biometric technology. Another reason to hike the price? Galaxy Note 6, on the other hand, though will be a high-end phablet, will definitely not be as costly as iPhone 7. So people who want a high-end phone but cannot afford iPhone 7 may choose Galaxy Note 6 over the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: A mini laptop

Galaxy Note 6 may come along with a keyboard, which will convert it into a mini laptop. If Samsung aims to make this device a phone-slash-tablet-slash-computer, it will definitely bring along features of Surface Pro 4 and target enterpreneurs. So, iPhone 7 is definitely going to have tough competition with Samsung bringing along latest technologies with benefits of Surafce Pro 4, Surface Book and other iPhones to just one device.

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