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Samsung Galaxy Note 6: 10 Features Of Upcoming Phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: 10 Features Of Upcoming Phablet
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Samsung Galaxy Note 6: 10 Features Of Upcoming Phablet

We reported earlier that Samsung is looking forward to its upcoming release, the Galaxy Note 6, which is slated for July. The new device will be called “Grace” with Android N operating system onboard. While the former Galaxy Note 5 was a huge disappointment, the Note 6 is expected to drive consumers with its insane features.

While we had reported about five expected features in the Galaxy Note 6, here we list down 10 solid reasons why the device will impress you in every way. 10 features that you will find on the device:

  1. Micro SD storage- Samsung will bring the microSD card storage support on the Galaxy Note 6.
  1. 3D Touch Display- The phablet is heavily pegged to pack in 5.8-inch display with support for 2K or 4K resolution. Rumors suggest that the device will sport a 3D touch display as is seen on the iPhone.
  1. 6GB RAM plus two CPU Editions- Rumor mills are buzzing with the news that the Note 6 will come in two CPU editions- one will be equipped with Exynos 8890 and another one by the Snapdragon 820 chipset.
  1. S-Pen with Kickstand functions- Now, imagine using an S-Pen like a kickstand, which makes it possible to support the phablet for enjoying movies or operating apps in portrait or landscape mode, notes Patently Mobile.
  1. Battery- The Note 6 is expected to feature a robust battery with a power ranging between 3600mAH and 4000mAH.
  1. In-built storage- The Note 6 will come in two storage sizes- 64GB and 128GB. Speculations indicate that the phablet will be coming with a new inbuilt storage of 256 GB UFS 2.0.
  1. USB Type-C- Samsung will introduce this new feature for the first time on the phablet.
  1. Gear VR Support- While Samsung fans are already enjoying Gear VR support on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the Note 6 is expected to deliver stunning gaming experience through 4K resolution screen supported by Gear VR device.
  1. Camera- This time around, Samsung is likely to include similar camera features as present on the Galaxy S7 on the Note 7, which is a 12.3MP camera with Super OIS support.
  1. Laptop dock- If rumours turn out true, the Note 6 will come with laptop dock support that will enable to connect your smartphone to the laptop dock and power it up with the smartphone’s RAM, CPU and storage, according to IBTImes.

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